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Featured Coach: Deborah Ivanoff, the BEING Coach


Faculty-Ivanoff [2]Having once faced financial ruin and the loss of her children, Deborah learned, exactly, how to reclaim her own power and connection to her inner authority with the support of the QSI Spiritual Cross-Training Tools.

Knowing now, that Inspiration delivers perfect solutions, she helps reconnect people to their Inner Guidance, in order to expand their quality of life, and increase their personal effectiveness.

Since 1998, she has worked with several thousand men and women, helping them get unstuck from what they no longer want, so they can reconnect to their own, authentic power to generate fresh, effective actions that keep them on track to their goals and dreams while utilizing and nurturing their spiritual relationship with God/Goddess, Spirit/Source, the Divine.

"Every situation, whether we like it, or it doesn't feel good, carries within it the seed to multiply its gift or to find the solution to its problem. We each decide if and how we want to use the guidance contained within our thoughts, feelings and actions we experience in reaction or response to the situation." ~ Deborah Ivanoff

In addition to being a QSI Master Coach and Spiritual Cross-Training Instructor, Deborah is also a certified mediator in Oregon. She has completed a Masters in Spirituality with a focus on the purpose and effectiveness of the use of Ritual, and a PhD in Life Coaching with a concentration on how to support and aid both Transitions and Transformations.

Now she facilitates masterminds, teaches classes, coaches groups and men & women one-on-one, and travels to inspire audiences on a variety of topics.

In 2006, she published The How To Make More Good Stuff Happen Play-Work-Book, written with her daughter to help tweens and their adults experiment with Law of Attraction and BEING principles.

Her website, Answering The Sacred, offers additional resources to help men and women use Spirit-led, self-coaching tools in practical ways to expand their every day life and use the support of the Divine to achieve their goals.

Deborah is a happily, single parent of two, teen home schoolers, enjoying life in beautiful Portland, Oregon with an assortment of furry and feathered companions. Weekends find her curled up with a good book, gardening, or hiking local mountains with her family and friends.

Special Offer From Deborah

Would you like to work with Deborah? She offers a 30-minute "Manifest At Light Speed" Diagnostic, that includes a pre-meeting questionnaire (4 questions so more gets done in your session).

During the diagnostic, Deborah will assist you in uncovering exactly what is currently getting in the way of your manifesting your goals with speed and ease, and help you uncover an action plan to follow to get back on track.

Regularly $147, for the months of November and December, use the code "QSI" and get this very popular laser-coaching for $47.

Visit her scheduling page, choose "Manifest At Light Speed Diagnostic" and use your code "QSI" by entering it in the "apply code" field, to receive your $100 discount before December 31st, 2014.

Deborah may be reached at Deborah@AnsweringTheSacred.com or her office, 503-908-0390.

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As a Spiritual Being you're here to make a difference in the world. You have unique gifts to share with Others that only you can give and the world needs.


“A lot of this stuff I had read before, but never had it put together in this context. The tools are amazing! They are so different but feel so natural to me. I started to use these tools and let go and really see the core of what it was: that it was me not allowing me to be who I was and not allowing others to be who they are. All of sudden, I’m turning work away because I’m attracting so many clients. After just a few weeks, I feel so connected to this. Even when I’m not sitting down and doing this intentionally, I can see where I’m naturally starting to do this in my daily work. I am so excited by this!” ~ Lisa Bourgonis, Washington


Do you:

  • struggle with maintaining a positive attitude?
  • long for a community that will receive your gifts?
  • hide who you really are because you're afraid of being rejected?
  • find transformational programs don't quite work for you?

Well, life doesn't have to be so difficult....

Let us show you a set of holistic skills that will help you coach yourself through changes, decisions, new beginnings, and frankly, anything the day throws at you. From the very first day of our program, your life will feel easier.

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