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Self-Coaching isn't just for Adults


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Quantum Spirit International is honored to be chosen as the publisher for Do You Know What I Know?, a new series of reference books designed to give teachers, parents and grandparents, quick suggestions for working with children who struggle in school.

These books are unique because they not only help children--they empower children by raising their awareness around what their bodies, emotions and thoughts are telling them!

And it doesn't hurt that the books have a powerful impact on the adults using the books!


Volume 1 Changing Attitudes, Building Skills & Activities that Teach Them Now Available!

Do you have a child who approaches learning with a helpless, sinking feeling that he will never 'get it?'

This activity book will change your child's educational experience from despair to one of joy by developing your child's visual system to its fuller potential.

Changing Attitudes, Building Skills, and Activities That Teach Them: first in the series Do You KnowWhat I Know by Kathy Nurek, is an easy to use workbook on how to understand a child's behavior as it guides a teacher, parent, or educator with ways to create a plan of action to help the child move forward.~ Lynn Rogers MEd, ESL certified 1-9, Fenimore Cooper School, Sheboygan, WI

This is a very readable, understandable resource for classroom teachers and parents alike. Over and over,Ms. Nurek asks us to put ourselves in the shoes of the student and ask “Do you know what I know?” She reminds us that all children have skills and that our job is to guide their learning by starting at what they already do well, then adding more challenges that are suited to the child.~ Peggy Wiedmeyer, Supervisor, Parents as Teachers Home Visitation Program, SheboyganCounty, WI

It was early morning hours by the time I sat down to read Kathy’s new book, Changing Attitudes,Building Skills & Activities that Teach Them. I planned to do a quick browse then go to bed. Ha! Her book was interesting, and better yet, an easy read! The language used was "everyday" which grabbed myinterest, and, woke me up.~ Diane Hellman, Owner/Operator Kids Korner Daycare, Stanley, SD


Volume 1: Changing Attitudes, Building Skills & Activities that Teach Them

Volume 1: Changing Attitudes, Building Skills & Activities that Teach Them

Price: $24.99

In this Activity Book, I share some very simple strategies for three premises that you can use to bring about changes in attitude towards the learning process.

First, learning is built on a foundation of mutual value and respect.

Second, learning occurs successfully when we know where to begin

Third, learning occurs only in an environment that supports an “I Can Do” attitude.

Here, you'll learn how the largest stumbling block, and the least recognized impediment, to skill-building is a poorly developed visual system.

You’ll find charts that identify the behavior (where the child really is) followed by activities that will help you build the vision skills that the child may need help with. The final column on these charts indicates the possible vision skills themselves.

I've also included handouts you can share with parents to help them understand the importance of vision development in their child's school and social success.

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Coach Your Self....

to see more, hear more, understand more & fear less! 

As a Spiritual Being you're here to make a difference in the world. You have unique gifts to share with Others that only you can give and the world needs.


“A lot of this stuff I had read before, but never had it put together in this context. The tools are amazing! They are so different but feel so natural to me. I started to use these tools and let go and really see the core of what it was: that it was me not allowing me to be who I was and not allowing others to be who they are. All of sudden, I’m turning work away because I’m attracting so many clients. After just a few weeks, I feel so connected to this. Even when I’m not sitting down and doing this intentionally, I can see where I’m naturally starting to do this in my daily work. I am so excited by this!” ~ Lisa Bourgonis, Washington


Do you:

  • struggle with maintaining a positive attitude?
  • long for a community that will receive your gifts?
  • hide who you really are because you're afraid of being rejected?
  • find transformational programs don't quite work for you?

Well, life doesn't have to be so difficult....

Let us show you a set of holistic skills that will help you coach yourself through changes, decisions, new beginnings, and frankly, anything the day throws at you. From the very first day of our program, your life will feel easier.

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