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Julie S. Ong, CSLC



Kushi Institute Certified Macrobiotic Counselor

Julie S. Ong is a Kushi Institute certified macrobiotic counselor, natural chef, spiritual life coach & author of the upcoming book, The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics.


Contact information:



  • Spiritual Coaching for personal growth 
  • Coaching for holistic health children and families
  • Macrobiotic Coaching and Education
  • Seasonal Macrobiotic Cooking Techniques
  • Complete Macrobiotic Consultations


  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach
  • Macrobiotics Expert
  • Published Author
  • Certified Macrobiotic Instructor & Level Four Graduate, Kushi Institute
  • Certified Natural Chef, Bauman College
  • Facilitator and member, Pathways of Light Spiritual College
  • Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Pathways of Light Church
  • Certified Acupressure Practitioner, Acupressure Institute
  • B.A. in Psychology, UC Berkeley
  • Sonoma County Culinary Guild, member
  • The Theosophical Society, member
  • George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, member 

Coaching with Julie

60-minute Individual Coaching Session with Julie Ong

Price: $150.00

Individual Coaching Sessions with Julie Ong, Macrobiotic Coach.


Click here for full information

2 Hour Complete Macrobiotic Consultation

2-hour Complete Macrobiotic Consultation

Price: $300.00

2 Hour Complete Macrobiotic Consultation with Julie Ong includes:

  • 2-hour telephone consultation
  • Macrobiotic dietary guidelines
  • Way of life recommendations
  • Learning to live in harmony with the seasons
  • Immune building dishes
Click here for full information

The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics

The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics

Price: $15.95


Now you can cook your way to inner and outer balance. Learn how the energy of the seasons, food and cooking techniques contribute to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Natural Chef & Life Coach, Julie Ong, guides you to experience your kitchen as a nurturing environment that allows creativity to unfold into a luscious, tantalizing and beautiful experience.

Click here for full information

Create Your Great Life Macrobiotic Playbook by QSLC Julie S. Ong

Create Your Great Life Macrobiotic Playbook

Price: $0.00

Have you started a natural healing diet and feel frustrated about the effort it takes to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Then let me tell you a secret most people don’t know. You are not alone. Most people seeking to regain their health find maintaining a new health regime challenging.

First of all, maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle was not taught in school. And we are continuously being bombarded with ad campaigns, promoting fast processed and refined foods.

Furthermore, we are trained to focus on our careers and our clients, putting their needs first. We are often asked when we would take care of ourselves, go on that vacation, or buy that car. The answer is always, “When I reach my sales goal,” or “When I have enough money.” Focusing on ourselves can conflict with our values around work and self-worth.

All of this can result in limiting thoughts about maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you view a healthy balanced lifestyle as inherently limited, you won’t be motivated to do it. You will be attracting limiting emotions and thoughts that deactivate your chances for success.

Download your copy of Create Your Great Life macrobiotic playbook ($27 value) today!

Click here for full information

The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics

Order Your Advance Copy Now & SAVE! Release Date: July 2010

A New Book from Julie S. Ong

More information >>
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