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Survival Guide for Empaths, Clairsentients and Highly Sensitive Persons

Survival Guide for Empaths, Clairsentients & Highly Sensitive Persons

Price: $14.95

This eBook includes the self-coaching techniques & strategies Master Spirit Coach, Carolyn Wilson-Elliott, uses with sensitive clients dealing with extreme overload. Includes activities and strategies for regaining and maintaining your energy, building a supportive community and on-going survival tips.

In order to prevent overwhelm in learning this new information, the Survival Guide is divided into a 34-page eBook + 12 monthly tips sent via email. The eBook contains the following information:

Foreword by Sherry Hudson, Master Spirit Coach..


  • How to use this Survival Guide.
    • Sample Diary.

Part One: Regaining Your Control.

  • Regaining Control Makes Us Feel Safe.
    • Regaining Control through Your Thymus Gland.
    • Regaining Control through Energy Points.
    • Regaining Control through Your Muscles.
    • Regaining Control through Your Breathing.
    • Regaining Control with Water

Part Two: Maintaining Control.

  • Re-Patterning Your Body's Reactions.
    • Self-Help Prompts: Business Cards.
    • Self-Help Tool: Inner & Outer Resources.
    • Example from Carolyn's Inner/Outer Resource List
    • Moving Towards a Balanced Life.
  • Re-Patterning our Thought  Reactions.
    • Self Help: Building a Community of Support
    • Self-Learning tool: "Attracting a Community of Support"
    • Sample of Carolyn's "Attracting a Community of Support"
  • Re-Patterning Emotional Reactions.
    • Self-Help Prompt: An Open Letter

Part Three: A Sensitive's Resource Guide..

  • Finding a Mentor, Coach, Therapist or Guide.
  • Vision: The Link Between Body-Mind-Spirit.
    • Conserving Your Energy.
    • Symptoms of Vision Development Skills Problems.
    • Choosing an Eye Care Professional


The Survivor tips you'll receive each month builds upon the foundational skills presented in the eBook. These 3-4 page tip sheets include information on

  • Developing Energy Shields
  • Getting a Good Night's Sleep with Healing Energy
  • Making Decisions that Support Your Sensitive Nature
  • Understanding the Spiritual Guidance that comes with Your Sensitivities
  • Avoidance: Friend or Foe


Here's what others are saying about the Survival Guide:

"(What a wonderful email to open up on a Fri. morning.) Thank you Carolyn for this tip. I do sleep with a heavy comforter no matter the weather. My husband always sleeps with a light cover. How wonderful it is to be validated. I can't wait to try this activity. Your method of expressing and this whole website truly feels like a mothers love for her lost children. . Love Michelle"


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